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Gautam Buddha was born in a royal family of Nepal, at birth, the sage told the father of Gautam Buddha that this boy would grow up to rule the world or guide the people. The king wanted to see his son Gautama Buddha ruling the world, so he kept Gautama apart from the world and taught Gautam in a special way. His mother Rani Maya Devi dies just a few days after Gautama’s birth, after his mother’s death, Gautam used to stay with his mother’s sister.

The king kept his son away from the world so that Gautama would not choose the path of the spiritual after seeing the misery of the world. The king wanted to give his son all the facilities in the world. At the age of 16, Gautam Buddha gets married to Princess Yashodhara. A few years later, Gautam has a son named Rahul.

As Gautam’s growing age increases his understanding, Gautam now wanted to know about the outside world, one day Gautam goes out to see the outside world with his slave, the outside world is full of sorrows, Gautam is outside Let’s see the world and understand that the meaning of life is not just to count the days, but to fight with the miseries every day. A new problem is born with the new day, by fighting with which we are able to sleep at night.

Gautam Buddha meets a person who spends his whole life understanding the mystery of life. After returning to his palace, Gautam decides that now he will choose the path of spirituality and leave his family and his comfort. Gautam wanted to feel grief, sickness, and hunger by himself, so he starts living alone without any help.

Gautam Buddha lives for many years with very little food but he does not get anything, then he realizes that he will not get anything, then Gautama sits down under a tree and starts meditating, 49 days later, he knows the truth of life. It goes on to say that all the people of the world are living life to fulfill their wish, everyone is fighting with life to get what they do not have.  

Gautam Buddha Quotes to Motivate you

Gautam Buddha Quotes is a great source of inspiration for you, with the help of Gautam Buddha Quotes you can bring your life to the right path. If you are looking for Gautam Buddha Quotes then you have come to the right place, here you will find a very good collection of Gautam Buddha Quotes.

1- Anger can be won with love, evil with good, selfish with benevolence, and a liar with truth.

2- The ignorant man is like a bull. He grows in size, not in knowledge.

3- Surely those who remain free from resentful thoughts find peace in life.

4- Evil must remain, only then can goodness prove its purity over it.

5- Make the truth your land, make the truth your home because there is no bigger house than this.

Gautam Buddha Quotes to Motivate you

6- Those who do not seek the truth, have lost the real purpose of living life.

7- Three things cannot hide for long: the sun, the moon, and the truth.

8- Bandhan is the root of all sorrows.

9- You are not punished for your anger, you are punished by your anger.

10- A person living for others is never disappointed and upset

Gautam Buddha Quotes to Motivate you

11- The mind is everything, you become what you think.

12- If you light a lamp for someone else, it also brightens your path.

13- Real happiness is not in getting everything, it is in giving everything.

14- Without faith, you cannot reach anywhere, so if you want to get religion, then faith is very important.

15- The tongue is like a sharp knife, it kills without drawing blood.

Gautam Buddha Quotes to Motivate you

16- The person who seeks only pleasures in life, whose senses are unrestrained, who lives to eat, is lazy and weak. Greed makes him fall, just as a storm topples a weak tree.

17- Hatred cannot be eradicated by hate, hate can only be eradicated by love.

18- Peace comes from within, searching for it outside is meaningless.

19- It is your duty to keep your body healthy or else you will not be able to keep your mind strong and clear.

20- Men who keep complaining incessantly, can never be happy

Gautam Buddha Quotes to Motivate you

21- It is your duty to keep your body healthy or else you will not be able to keep your mind strong and clear.

22- Strive for your own salvation, do not depend on others

23- Better than thousands of hollow words is the word that brings peace

24- Suspicion is an incurable disease that destroys friendship and relationships like a termite.

25- Every day is new, no matter how difficult it was yesterday, you can start anew every day

Gautam Buddha Quotes to Motivate you

26- When words are true and kind, they can change our lives

27- Knowledge is born through meditation, and knowledge is lost without meditation

28- A man who loves many people has many reasons to be happy.

29- By following the things told by ignorant people, life becomes meaningless

30- In this world, apart from truth, everything is bound to end

31- Man is a Shudra and a Brahmin not by birth but by karma.

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