Monday Quotes to Start Fresh Week

Monday Quotes are now available on this website to wish Happy Monday with Motivational Quotes. Happy Monday Motivation Quotes are Booster for you. These Quotes are specially collected for our readers.

Monday Quotes to Start Fresh Week

1 – The most important thing about success is that it falls on those who work hard. Happy Monday

2 – If you do not give Attention to Failure then you will never get success. Happy Monday

3 – I am Very happy with my life, because I care more about my loved ones than my dreams. Happy Monday  

Monday Quotes to Start Fresh Week

4 – When you do not think about the destination while walking on the path, then you are on the right track. Happy Monday

5 – The work in which the limit of working is not exceeded, then that work is of no use. Happy Monday

6 – It is better to hear the scolding of the wise than to hear the praise of fools. Happy Monday    

Monday Quotes to Start Fresh Week

7 – The profit is not known, but the sellers also sell the memories by making them a business. Happy Monday

8 – Work on your work till you become successful. Happy Monday

9 – If a man wants to learn something, then every mistake of this teaches something. Happy Monday

Monday Quotes to Start Fresh Week

10 – A wise person does not make mistakes himself, but tests the truth of life from the mistakes of others. Happy Monday

11 – One has to fight to change life, and to be easy one has to understand. Happy Monday

12 – Believe in your dreams. Happy Monday  

Monday Quotes to Start Fresh Week

13 – The fun of winning comes only when everyone is waiting for you to lose Happy Monday

14 – To reach success, you have to go through the road of failure. Happy Monday

15 – Make your goals so great, that there is no time left for vains. Happy Monday  

Monday Quotes to Start Fresh Week

16 – Everyone says Don’t Judge Me, but everyone does. Happy Monday

17 – You don’t have to be smart to achieve your dreams, you have to be crazy. Happy Monday

18 – That person is successful in this life, who knows how to make the broken and celebrate the angry. Happy Monday

Monday Quotes to Start Fresh Week

19 – People say that if money comes, I should do something and money says that if you do something, I will come. Happy Monday

20 – The greatest quality of good people is that they do not have to remember, they are remembered. Happy Monday  

21 – The reality of life is just like this, a person becomes a memory in a moment. Happy Monday  

Monday Quotes to Start Fresh Week

22 – If there is happiness in the heart while helping others, then that is service, everything else is a show. Happy Monday

23 – Smile and help are two such perfumes that the more you sprinkle on others, the more fragrant you will be. Happy Monday

24 – Circumstances change with time, so it is wise to change yourself in the face of change. Happy Monday

Monday Quotes to Start Fresh Week

25 – If you are insulting someone then in reality you are losing your respect. Happy Monday

26 – If you want peace in life, then stop putting people’s words in your heart. Happy Monday

27 – Stumbling doesn’t mean you stop walking, but stumbling means that you get up. Happy Monday

Monday Quotes to Start Fresh Week

28 – You don’t need to be great to start something, but to be great it is very important for you to start something. Happy Monday

29 – Impossible is Nothing . Those who can think, they can do, and they can also think what they have not done till date. Happy Monday

30 – One should never have unwavering trust in anymore the colour of salt and sugar is always the same. Happy Monday

Monday Quotes to Start Fresh Week

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