Best 3 Alternatives to Adobe Lightroom

Best 3 Free Alternatives to Adobe Lightroom

Adobe is considered to be the best tool in the world in terms of photo editing. Adobe has made software like photoshop and lightroom the best, you can get any kind of photo you want on adobe, now adobe is so impressive so some people want to use it for free.

Most of the photographers today rely on Adobe Photoshop to edit photos, add names, add tags and metadata. If you want to use Adobe but you do not have money to buy it, then today in this article we will tell you some such alternatives of Adobe Lightroom that you can use for free.

1 – LightZone

If you use Adobe Lightroom, then you have to create an account there first, but you do not need any type of account to use Lightzone. Lightzone is the best alternative after Adobe Lightroom.

LightZone allows you to stack and organize filters according to your needs, as well as edit them using a variety of professional tools.

How right is LiteZone for you?

On Lightzone, you are given such tools which do not bother you while editing, very simply it helps you in editing. Light Zone works for you in a special way and helps you to support RAW files.

2 – Google Photos

Google Photos is not as perfect as Adobe Lightroom but it tries its best to make your editing simple and effective, most importantly Google is giving you this tool for free to use.

Google is providing you this tool both on the website and in the app, here you can upload your photos safely and keep them safe. All the tools of Google are very convenient for editing photos on Android phones.

But if you want to do specific type of editing then it is not as impressive as Lightroom, if you need free and cloud based service then this tool from Google is best.

Since Google stores all your images in a digital cloud, you can access them from any device at any time.

How Much Is Google Photos Right For You?

The interface of Google Photos is very simple and intuitive, and Google is giving you this tool for free to use. You can also use it in the mobile application and you can also use many filters for free. The only problem is that it has limited processing power and not as many features as Lightroom.

1 – RawTherapee

If there is any best tool after Adobe Lightroom, then it is only RawTherapee, RawTherapee is considered to be the best for doing very simple and fast work. RawTherapee is a free tool that you can use without paying any fees.

With RawTherapee Tool, you can restore your old file as it was before editing, the best part is that the interface of RawTherapee is very similar to Adobe Lightroom, if you have used Lightroom till now then this You will find the tool easiest.

RawTherapee’s support system is very good, if you are worried about this topic then do not worry at all, you will be fully supported online.

How useful is Raw Therapee to you?

On RawTherapee you can complete your editing without any error, in this you will be given editing tools like in Adobe Lightroom. Along with this, you will also be given very good documents.

The problem with this tool is that your project history is reset once you close the app, it doesn’t manage your photos.


In this article, I have told you about some other options that work like Adobe Lightroom, the most useful in this is RawTherapee at number three. If you liked this article, then do share it with your friends, thank you.

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