How to post Photo and video on Instagram by Computer/Laptop?

How to post Photo and video on Instagram by pc/Laptop?

Instagram has become the most popular app in India, you can guess its popularity from the fact that the career of millions of youth of India is being made on Instagram.

People are working hard day and night to become popular on instagram, success on instagram is becoming the biggest success of life for people, today millions of people are gaining wealth and fame on instagram using mobile.

If you also upload videos or photos on Instagram, then today in this article I will tell you the option of uploading photos and videos on Instagram from your computer.

Yes friends, now you can upload photos and videos from computer and laptop on instagram.

How to post Photo and video on Instagram by pc/Laptop?

How to post Photo and video on Instagram by pc/Laptop?

Today we will tell you in this post how you can upload video in Instagram from laptop, desktop PC. So let’s see how to upload video from laptop, desktop or PC.

All of you will have Facebook ID, first you have to go to Facebook crater, login on it, after that you will get option whether you want to run Instagram or Facebook.

Before you click on Instagram, let me tell you, if you have not linked Instagram to it, then a link option will come in it, you can link it.

After this you have to click in crate post and then option will come Crate post, Instagram feed and IGTB, you have to click in Instagram feed, after clicking right your caption, location and add content will click on this

Then the option will come, you will click on the form file, select a video from it, after that you have to write a caption about the video, if you want to add the location, then add the location, then your video will be uploaded, you will be asleep.

Post Successfully Published Instagram, then go to Instagram and refresh and you will see that your video has been uploaded. So in this way you can upload your video in Instagram from laptop desktop or pc.

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