How to get a Vodafone-Idea fancy number for free?

While buying a new phone number, whether it is for a pre paid or postpaid link, customers usually do not have the alternative to choose the digits of their mobile number. But Vodafone-Idea (Vi) now provides clients the option to choose a VIP or expensive mobile number that can be personalised based on their preferences. You can select your fortunate numbers, significant days, or a number that is essential to you for the Vi elegant mobile number.

A SIM card that sustains a VIP number permits subscribers to obtain the fancy or VIP mobile number of their selection. Your family and friends might also discover it less complicated to remember Vi’s elegant numbers.

Get a Vodafone-Idea fancy number for free

Vodafone-Idea deals both free and superior VIP numbers. You can choose a particular number from the list of shown numbers based on your choice. These mobile numbers are available for both prepaid and also postpaid customers. Below’s exactly how you can get a VIP number for yourself free of cost.

  1. Go to the Vi elegant number website (
  2. Checkmark for Postpaid or Prepaid, according to your choice.
  3. Enter your PIN code and your existing contact number.
  4. Get in a collection of figures (3 or more) and choose a variety of your option.
  5. Fill in your address information.
  6. Get in the OTP received on your mobile number as well as confirm your order.
  7. You will certainly receive a new Vi SIM with your fancy number at your doorstep free of cost.

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